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Resonance's Student Talent Reward Test - ResoSTaRT 2019 Prizes / Winner Awards worth Rs.1.40 Crore Offered to Class 6th-7th-8th, 9th-10th and Class 11th-12th Students.

Prizes & Awards in ResoSTaRT 2019 Talent Reward Scholarship Test

Resonance is giving Total 5000 Prizes/Awards of Total worth Rs.1.40 Crore based on student's participation and success in ResoSTaRT 2019 Exam.

STaRT comes this year, bestowed with magnanimous prizes and awards that are enhanced in quality, quantity, value and volume. Adding another category to the already astounding awards, STaRT will give away two types of awards and prizes to the students this year:

STaRT Awards will be given for total 9 Categories (Class 6th to 10th, 11th Mathematics, 11th Biology, 12th Mathematics & 12th Biology).

ResoStart 2019 Prizes and Awards for Class 6 to Class 9

Winners STaRT Rank Number of Prizes Each Worth (Cash)
AIR-1 4 Rs.50,000
AIR-2 4 Rs.35,000
AIR-3 4 Rs.25,000
AIR 4-10 28 Rs.15,000
AIR 11-20 40 Rs.10,000
AIR 21-50 120 Rs.8,100
AIR 51-100 200 Rs.5,100
AIR 101-150 200 Rs.3,100

Total 600 Prizes worth Rs.38,72,000 for Class 6 to Class 9 Students.

ResoStart 2019 Prizes and Awards for Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Winners STaRT Rank Number of Prizes Each Worth (Cash)
AIR-1 5 Rs.75,000
AIR-2 5 Rs.51,000
AIR-3 5 Rs.31,000
AIR 4-10 35 Rs.21,000
AIR 11-20 50 Rs.11,000
AIR 21-50 150 Rs.9,100
AIR 51-100 250 Rs.7,100
AIR 101-150 250 Rs.3,100

Total 750 Prizes worth Rs.59,85,000 for Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12 Students.

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ResoStart 2019 Prizes & Awards for City Toppers, School and State Toppers

ResoStart 2019 Prizes & Awards for State Toppers

STaRT State Topper Number of Prizes Each Worth (Cash)
AIR-1 15 States X 9 Categories = 135 Rs.4,100
AIR-2 15 States X 9 Categories = 135 Rs.3,100
AIR-3 15 States X 9 Categories = 135 Rs.2,100

Total 405 Prizes worth Rs.12,55,500 for AIR-1, AIR-2 & AIR-3 State Toppers.

ResoStart 2019 Prizes & Awards for City and School Toppers

STaRT City Toppers Number of Prizes Each Worth (Cash)
AIR-1 150 X 9 Categories = 1350 Rs.1,100
STaRT School Toppers Number of Prizes Each Worth (Cash)
AIR-1 200 X 9 Categories = 1800 Rs.1,100

Total 3150 Prizes worth Rs.14,85,000 and Rs.19,80,000 for AIR-1 in City Toppers and School Toppers respectively.

Resonance STaRT 2019Terms & Conditions for Winners:

1. In case any student wins more than one award from above categories, he will be entitled for any one Award of higher worth only.
2. State and Test Centre Topper Award is valid only if participation is 100 students in each category (one or more category).
3. School Topper is valid with minimum participation of 25 students in each category (one or more category).
4. Tie Breaker: In case of more than one participating student secure equal aggregate marks in STaRT Exam then the better Rank shall be given by comparing scores individually in the subjects in decreasing priority order of:

* Mathematics, General Science (P,C,B), Mental Ability for Class 6 to 10.
* Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry for Class 11th & 12th Mathematics Stream.
* Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry for Class 11th & 12th Biology Stream.
* If individual scores in all the subjects are also equal the student youngest in age shall be given higher (Better) rank.

5. Award/Prize Money will be transferred directly in Student Bank Account. In case, Student doesn't have his own bank account, Amount can be transferred in Parent account only.
6. Students or Parents has to do Paytm Payment Bank KYC. The process will be executed by Paytm team in school. KYC is mandatory for STaRT applicants.
7. Students using unfair means to enhance the performance will be disqualified from STaRT & future Editions of the event. The refund of participation fee etc. shall not be applicable in this case.
8. All the prizes are non-transferable in terms of person or prize title.
9. A lower class student can participate for higher class but higher class student can not participate for lower class.
10. Registration fee for STaRT in Non-refundable.
11. It is must to attend the felicitation function to claim the prizes for Top 10 students . Felicitation function dates will be communicated along with the result.

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