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CP-Star 2018-19: Career Point's Scholastic Test for Analysis & Reward 2018 - A Talent Hunt Exam for Class 8-9-10, 11-12 (Science Stream) in Sept.-Oct.

Career Point CP-Star 2018 Scholarship Test (For Class 8th to Class 12th Students)

Career Point Scholarship Test for Admission and Reward

Career Point Scholastic Test for Analysis and Reward (CP-Star) 2018 is a National Level Test for classes 8th to 12th.

The objective of this test is to analyze the aptitude of the students who are on the verge of planning their career or are stepping towards the career path. This is a way to provide an excellent academic support in the form of cash prize and other discount benefits in academic services to the meritorious, needy and deserving students.

Assessment of students at all levels is an integral part of responsible and pioneer institutes. Career Point has taken the initiative in conducting these aptitude tests at national level since 2010. Within a span of 8 years CP has done the assessment of more than 14 lacs students out of which 9 lacs is through CP STAR.

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Why to take Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests inculcate many factors like Numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, speed, accuracy, and other such abilities. Aptitude tests are one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates' suitability for a role.

The fact is just taking the test is not important but the analysis of performance is most important. If you are getting any opportunity to take the test through reliable system then you should grab the opportunity.

CP-Star 2018-19 Exam: Academic and Financial Advantages

Organization Career Point, Kota (Rajasthan)
Exam Name Scholastic Test for Analysis and Reward (CP-Star)
Official Website cpstar.careerpoint.ac.in
CP-Star 2018 Exam Dates Check Here: Exam Dates & Schedule
CP-Star 2018 Result Dates Round-1: Result will be Processed Exam Date-wise
Check-Here: CP-Star 2018 Results
Round-2: Result will be Processed at National Level
Round-3: Result will be Processed at National Level
Know Here: CP-Star 2018 Test Centres

CP-STAR 2018-19 Academic Advantage:

1. Judges your performance at National Level
2. Get computerized performance report with suggestion for improvement
3. Get personalized career and academic counselling from Career Point experts
4. Get first-hand experience of competitive examination
5. Get detailed performance report

CP-Star Previous Years Sample Papers: CP-Star 2-Years Sample Papers
CP-STAR 2018-19 Financial Advantages:

1. Cash Reward: Up to Rs.50,000 to each Class Topper
2. Discount Voucher up to Rs.90,000 Redeemable in any Course or Programme by Career Point
3. Benefits to more than 10,000 Students
4. Books worth Rs.24,000 to Toppers for each exam

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