FIITJEE Crash Course for Engineering 2018 Entrance Exams

FIITJEE Intensive Contact Program for IIT-JEE (Advanced) 2018 Exam

This program is open to all those brilliant students, who could not join any of FIITJEE's long duration classroom programs. This is a short duration program which includes Exclusive Study Material, Specifically & Strategically Formulated Assignments with Problem Solving Techniques besides Lectures and Tests.

FIITJEE IIT Crash-Course: Eligibility

For Class 12th Appearing and Passed Students.

FIITJEE IIT Crash-Course: Course-FEE

Fee structure for FIITJEE IIT IIT Crash-Course 2018 is Rs.14900 + GST. Please Contact your respective FIITJEE Study Centre to know the exact Course Fee.

FIITJEE IIT Crash-Course: Start and End Date

FIITJEE JEE-Advanced Crash-Course 2018, a 100 hours crash course which will be commenced from April 2018. The first batch will be commenced from 17th April, 2018 for JEE (Main) offline on 8th April and 2nd batch will be commenced from 22nd April, 2018 for JEE (Main) online on 15th April or 16th April 2018.

FIITJEE Crash-Course IIT-JEE: Coaching Hrs

100 Hours (Classes will be held 4 to 5 Days a Week for about 4 Hrs. to 6 Hrs. Each Day).

FIITJEE Crash-Course JEE-Advanced 2018: Main Objectives of the Program

1. Leading to significant improvement in the JEE Advanced Rank for those who are well prepared and could not join any of the FIITJEE's classroom programs earlier.
2. Toning up of the skills, plugging loop holes and raising the level of confidence.
3. Laying emphasis on problem solving techniques. 4. Clearing stumbling blocks.
5. Empowering each student to have a strategy of his own for TIME MANAGEMENT which is very crucial at this juncture. The student will be learning all important aspects of time management which will make the student perform to his/her best potential on the JEE Exam day.
6. Developing Revision Strategies to achieve optimum performance on JEE day.

FIITJEE Crash-Course for JEE-Advanced 2018: Course Structure

1. An Exclusive & Specialized Study Material will be given to the students consisting of specifically and strategically formulated assignments, which will take care of the needs and demands of JEE Advanced Pattern.
2. All India Computer based Mini Test Series (AITS): To develop Sound Examination Temperament, strategically designed 4 Full Tests (3 Full Tests for batch starting 22nd April 2018) on the new Online pattern and level of difficulty of JEE (Advanced), 2018 will be given as a part of this Program.
3. Online Test Series Support through With myPAT - You Can
- Take 10 Full Tests for JEE (Advanced). - Experience simulated test environment for your preparation. - Gain insights through in-depth analytics & detailed score report. - Benchmark yourself amongst successful aspirants. - Identify improvement areas and remedial suggestions.
4. Grand Masters Package (GMP) - An exclusive fundamentals search based package of 1500 Top quality problems on new JEE pattern testing your understanding of the subject. It covers all aspects of JEE problem solving Techniques.
5. Rankers Test Paper File (RTPF) - Three part tests and five full syllabi tests on JEE Advanced expected pattern.

At FIITJEE you will find a very powerful system that can help you unfold your full potential systematically. We train our students in such a way that they are ready to scale JEE successfully irrespective of the pattern. What is required is total dedication and hard work.

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