Allen Career Institute - Online Test Series for Medical-NEET 2018

Allen Online Test-Series Course for Pre-Medical 2018 Exam

Major Online Test Series for NEET 2018 by ALLEN Career Institute is designed to provide students a virtual NEET test environment. Added to that, our incredible testing and analysis platform assist students in their test preparation and scale their performance against most brilliant students across the nation.

Allen NEET Test-Series: Eligibility

For Class 12th Appearing / Appeared / Passed Students.

Allen NEET Test-Series: Course-FEE

The Course FEE for Allen Online NEET Test-Series Course 2018 is Rs. 600 (including GST). This Test-Series is available in both English & Hindi medium.

Allen NEET Test-Series: Start-End Date

Allen NEET Online Test-Series Course Start-Date: 4-Feb 2018 and valid till May 30, 2018. This course includes 9 Major Tests.

Allen Online Pre-Medical Test-Series 2018: Total Number of Online Tests

Total 9 tests will be given to students till April 29, 2018 (9 Major Tests) and students can attempt it till May 30, 2018.

Allen Online Medical Test-Series 2018: Course Objective

The course objective is to present a common national level platform to the students to compete and review their performance before actual NEET Exam. Simultaneously it reveals weak areas for improvement and enhances their confidence to do well in main exam. Please Download this course syllabus here.

Allen Online NEET Test-Series 2018: Course Description

This course comprises NEET pattern and syllabus based online practice test series. Our unbeaten and reliable online test preparation infrastructure assists students to prepare systematically and thoroughly for NEET 2018 and evaluate their performance across the country.

Allen Online NEET Test-Series 2018: How to Join Online

1. Log on to and go to Allen Online Medical Test-Series page.
2. Add Online NEET Test-Series in your Cart and Proceed for Payment.
3. Sign in with Facebook or Google+ OR Sign Up with email & password.
4. Make payments online through available medium.
5. Once the payment will be successfully completed, you will get your receipt at your email.

Important Notes related to Allen Online NEET Test-Series Course

1. All India Online Open Test is time bounded. It will be within specified time.
2. Result of All India Online Open Test will be declared within 15 days of test attempt date.
3. If student is unable to attend Open Test due to late purchase or technical issue etc, then it will be available again after 15 days from opening date of Open Test.

Disclaimer: Please go to Allen official website to find out exact course related details. is not responsible for the accuracy of above given information. We try our best to provide all kind of helpful information to Medical, Engineering as well as Junior Classes aspirants.