Aakash Test-Series Medical-NEET 2018 & Other Medical Exams

Aakash Institute Test-Series Course for Pre-Medical 2018 Extrance Exams

Aakash Medical / NEET Test-Series Course 2018 is available at almost all Aakash study centes across India. The course duration is of approx. two month with reasonable fee & well managed course structure. For a student who is willing to practice and clear his/her doubt can join this course before its start date.

Aakash Medical Test-Series 2018: Eligibility

For Class 12th Appearing and Passed Students (For All Aakash Study Centres).

NEET UG Test-Series 2018: Course-Fee

The Course FEE for Aakash Medical-NEET Test-Series Course 2018 and Other Medical Exams is Rs. 12626 (including GST).

Aakash Medical Test-Series 2018: Start-End Date

Aakash Medical Test-Series Course Start-Date: 2-Days after Class 12th Board Exam and End-Date: 2-Days Prior to the Medical Entrance Exams 2018.

Aakash Medical Test-Series Course: Admission Process

Direct Admission on the basis of Marks / Grades obtained in the Previous Class.

Aakash Medical-NEET Test-Series Course 2018: Number of Tests

For detailed Number of Tests and Test Schedule, please check with the centre counselor.

Aakash NEET Test-Series Course 2018: Available Payment Options

Students can join this course easily by making online fee payment via Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking or through Paytm-Vallet. Students can also go to any Aakash study centres and pay Test-Series course fee in cash and join.

Aakash Medical-NEET Test-Series: How to Apply/ Buy Online

1. Log on to www.aakash.ac.in and go to Aakash NEET Test-Series 2018 course page.
2. Fill the given online form properly. Make sure email-id & contact be correct and submit the form.
3. Between available payment options - choose appropriate payment method & proceed for online payment.
4. Once the payment will be successfully completed, you will get your invoice at your email.

Aakash Test-Series Course for Medical 2018: Course Details

- The students will be put through a series of tests.
- Some tests will be conducted at the institute and some tests will be given as home assignments.

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