AIPMT 2016 Answer Keys (NEET-UG Phase-I) by Top Coaching Institutes

All-India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) 2016 entrance exam is going to be conducted on 1st-May by CBSE. Supreme Court ordered to conduct NEET from the current session 2016-17 and allowed to conduct the exam in two phased. The 01 May exam is termed as 'NEET Phase-I' and 'NEET Phase-II' exam will be conducted on 24th-July 2016. The combined result of both phases of NEET Exam will be declared on 17th-August 2016.

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Over 6 lacs students have participated in AIPMT 2016 NEET-UG Phase-I entrance exam. The paper was in 4 sets with 3 different set groups (Codes A-B-C-D, Codes P-Q-R-S and Codes W-X-Y-Z). The sets were distributed region wise like sets W-X-Y-Z was for Delhi/NCR region. The sets A/P/W, B/Q/X, C/R/Y, D/S/Z were similar sets with different code only. There were several questions with multiple right answers.

* AIPMT 2016 Answers Key (NEET-UG Phase-I) by Aakash Institute
All Codes (A/P/W | B/Q/X | C/R/Y | D/S/Z) - Live Now

* AIPMT 2016 Answer Key (NEET-UG Phase-I) by Allen Institute
All Codes - Live Now

* AIPMT 2016 Answers Key (NEET-UG Phase-I) by Resonance Kota:
Codes A-P-W - Codes B-Q-X - Codes C-R-Y - Codes D-S-Z - Live Now

* AIPMT 2016 Exam Answers Key (NEET Phase-I) by Career Point:
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* AIPMT 2016 Answers Key (NEET Phase-I) by Rao IIT Academy:
A/P/W | B/Q/X | C/R/Y | D/S/Z - Live Now

AIPMT 2016 (NEET Phase-I) Subject-wise Paper Analysis

By Aakash: Question Paper Analysis - Subject-wise Detailed Analysis
By Resonance-Kota: Detailed Question Paper Analysis

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