Class 12 Board Exams-Preparation Tips to Crack CBSE-ISC XII Board

If you are preparing for Class 12th Board Exams 2018 then you are at right place!

Do you need last minute preparation tips to boost your confidence to crack CBSE Board, ISC or Other State-Boards (UP/MP/WB etc.) Exams? Here are a few prep tips that you can follow while preparing for Class-XII 2018 Board Exams:

1. Be thorough with the Exam Pattern: It is really important to know that what you are preparing for before you write your exam. Here is the exam pattern for Class XII CBSE/ISC Board Exam 2018 for your reference:

Class 12 Exam Pattern: 12th CBSE-Board Exam Pattern | 12th ICSE-Board Exam Pattern

2. Be sure about the Syllabus: Syllabus is the first step to start preparation plan. For Class XII CBSE/ISC Board Exam 2018, the syllabus is majorly from the chapters you have already done in school as per NSERT/CISCE books.

Class 12 Syllabus: CBSE-Board Class-12 Syllabus | ICSE-Board Class-12 Syllabus

3. Practice with Sample-Papers: The question are very tricky in sample papers so you have to very careful when you practice them. It will boost your confidence and problem solving skill.

Class 12 Sample-Papers: CBSE-Board Class-12 Sample-Paper | ISC 12th Board Sample-Paper

4. Refer to NCERT/CISCE Books Mainly: NCERT and CISCE books are the backbone of your subjects and topics. You must refer to NCERT/CISCE books for understanding the topics. After that, solve questions from other books with 12th board questions banks and sample papers.

5. Give Extra Time to Weak Topics: That topics need more attention in which you are weak. Accept it as a challenge and don't give up! Put concentration and hard work and finally you will be able to understand these topics too.

6. Ask your Friends and Teachers: Don't hesitate! If you need any help on any topic or subject, ask your teachers or friends.

7. Set Achievable Goals on a Daily Basis: Make your study plan for a day or two and stick to that plan. By this way, you can manage your studies and time in a better way.

8. Be Cool and Keep your Body/Brain Rested: Keep yourself cool and rested. When your brain is rested well, you can focus better and memorize things when it required. Team wishing you all the best for Class 12th Board Exams 2018!

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